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The momentum of ADCs has continued to assert its dominance in the oncology field throughout 2023, with a huge influx of new developers entering the space and numerous shifts in focus across payloads, combination trials, and Bispecific ADCs. In our recent webinar, we invited attendees to explore the traditional and novel ADC landscapes to maximize their pipelines and discover new opportunities that show huge potential to accelerate drug development.

We asked:

  • The total number of ADC programs has more than doubled in the last 2 years, what are the emerging trends from this recent influx of activity?
  • From Payloads, Linkers, and Targets, to Bispecifics and Combinations, which approaches are seeing the most use and having the most impact across the ADC space?
  • What were the key highlights and updates for ADC development across 2023?


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Jia He
ADC Senior Research Lead


Jake Morris
Account Manager

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Search the trial and drug landscape by linker, payload and target alongside 20 other search criteria including disease, line of therapy, biomarker, sponsor etc. Instantly extract the data points you need to conduct more complex analyses.

Our unique Milestones filter and visualization highlights past, present, and future drug development milestones including drug and trial readouts, asset history, and regulatory announcements. This enhancement provides an accurate, timely and exhaustive single-drug timeline allowing you to benchmark progress in the ADC space.

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