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Events Beacon will be attending

8th Oncolytic Virotherapy Summit 2023

December 12 – 14 2023 | Boston, MA

Recent years have seen highly promising and rapid advances in the pre-clinical development and clinical evolution of oncolytic virotherapies. They are increasingly being recognized as a therapy with huge potential to change the landscape for cancer immunotherapy.

The global, leading, and hotly anticipated annual 8th Oncolytic Virotherapy Summit returns to Boston this December, as the industry’s definitive, and most comprehensive forum. Bringing you 29+ world-class speakers from key stakeholders from leading biopharma, this event will be showcasing brand new pivotal data to ensure a pathway of success for regulatory approval of OV drugs.

This forum will unite 80+ OV trailblazers across sessions spanning Early Discovery, Translation, Clinical Development, Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC), and Regulations to overcome the industry’s largest and most critical bottlenecks.

Beacon’s Oncolytic Viruses Research Lead, Megan Taylor, will be providing a drug and trial landscape analysis as well as an examination of the preclinical landscape, and what it can tell us about the potential future of OVs. This is one not to be missed.

Join the only end-to-end forum dedicated to emerging and advancing OV immunotherapies and contribute to driving the next wave of clinical approvals, towards a landscape of more effective anti-cancer drugs generating anti-tumour immune response within patients in need.

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3rd mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe 2024

January 23-25, 2023 | Berlin, Germany

The eagerly anticipated mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe returns to Berlin this January for the third year as Europe’s largest and most important gathering of mRNA experts.

Showcasing exclusive new data from the trailblazers and thought leaders in the field, join 200+ industry specialists including the likes of the MHRA, EMA, BioNTech, CureVac, Ziphius Vaccines, Moderna, and more across 3 days to uncover groundbreaking discovery, pre-clinical and clinical insights in mRNA therapeutic and vaccine development to fast-track R&D and pipeline expansions.

Amongst this dedicated community is Ioana Panait, Beacon’s Senior RNA Research Analyst. Ioana will be delivering a landscape review of the mRNA space, and asking one of the most important questions, Where Are We Now? You can find out more further details about Ioana’s talk here or download the full event guide now.

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7th DDR Inhibitors Summit 2024

January 30 – February 1, 2023 | Boston, MA

DDR inhibitor development is evolving rapidly, marked by the continuous emergence of new targets.

AstraZeneca and Merck reaffirm their commitment to DDR inhibitors, yet more pharmaceutical companies like Roche and Gilead are diving into this therapeutic strategy; biotech companies like Artios and IDEAYA remain dedicated to delivering safe and effective treatments to patients.

The unmet need for cancer therapies reinforces the critical importance for the community to unite at the 7th Annual DDR Inhibitors Summit in Boston, in January 2024, to advance first-in-class oncology treatments for patients.

Beacon’s DDR Lead Research Analyst, Kieran Pinto, will be joining the expert speaker faculty, opening the conference to discuss ‘The Next Chapter of DDR Inhibitor Development Across Cancers‘. You can find more details about his session here or view the full agenda here.

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8th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Europe 2024

January 30 – February 1, 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

With new clinical data and more ground-breaking advancements in the technology underpinning microbiome research, Europe’s leading microbiome organisations are paving the way for drug development!

As Europe’s premiere microbiome conference tightly focused on the development of microbiome-based therapeutics, this is your prime opportunity to expand your microbiome-based drug development capabilities and business potential as the community aims to deliver clinical results and ensure therapeutic microbiome approval in Europe.

Joining this community of microbiome trailblazers is Beacon’s Microbiome Research Lead Analyst, Ada Lam. Providing ‘A 2023 Landscape Review and Future Outlooks of Microbiome Therapeutics‘, Ada’s session is set to not only document the progression of the preclinical and clinical landscapes within drug development but also compare this past year to the last 10 years and explore future outlooks for 2024. You can find out more information about Ada’s talk here or download the full agenda now.

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7th CAR-TCR Europe Summit 2024

February 27-30, 2023 | London, UK

Cell therapy continues to transform the oncology field with advances across in vivo engineering and novel armouring enhancements, but this year has also seen the translation of cell therapies’ curative potential into the autoimmune space to capitalise on their targeting abilities. Despite investment challenges, innovation not slowing for those working in CAR-T and TCR drug development, as the mission to engineer a disease-free world remains front of mind.

Providing exclusive access to the most cutting-edge advances across pre-clinical platforms, clinical advances, and streamlined manufacturing, the 7th CAR-TCR Summit Europe is your must-attend forum to stay at the forefront of cell therapy innovations.

Joining 300+ industry experts and world-leading speaker faculty is Beacon’s Lead Research Analyst, Rachel East. Set to deliver ‘A Landscape Overview of CAR & TCR Therapies’, Rachel’s seminar promises to review the current trends in the CAR & TCR therapy landscape as well as look to the future and analyse solid tumour progress and novel non-oncology disease indications. You can find out all the details of the seminar online now or get access to the full event guide here.

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