Why did you make the change?
What extra features have you added?
Do I need to stick to a specific browser?
Will I need to recreate my search settings/ alerts?
What if I can’t find a filter/search field?
What if I’m having issues logging in, my saved searches/updates or with anything else in the new Beacon platform?
How do I get in touch with the team to give me a run through of the new Beacon?
How do you handle my data?

Based on the feedback from you, our customers, we understood your need to find data and analyze at lightning speeds, whilst retaining the functionality of Beacon that you know and love.

So, we’ve focused on three key areas: speed of search, simplified search interface, and more personalization.

By making our single biggest investment ever made as a company on upgrading the user interface and speed of response, we believe Beacon is more than ever your go-to platform for trusted drug discovery data at lightning speeds! 

What’s new: 

    • Speed and performance – You told us that the platform could be quicker: we have invested in a completely new back-end database and architecture which processes searches and downloads over 500% faster. 
    • Simplified search interface – We also heard that the user interface could be less cluttered. With user experience methodology and leading designers, we have streamlined the search experience to help you find and personalize your analysis faster and more effectively.  
    • More personalization – the new improved features of alerts and sharing links enable you to arrange workflows to suit your needs. 

These changes are all just further steps along the journey to continually improve Beacon, and ultimately help you get drugs to patients faster.  

We won’t stop there. We have many more ideas that you have given us to help improve Beacon, such as column ordering and personalized search filtering, and you will see these roll out during the rest of 2021. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think about the new design and service.  

You can now customize your search to only include the information (i.e., columns/filters) that you are interested in.

Alongside setting alerts for entire searches and specific trial/drug pages, you can now set up alerts for any number of trial/drug pages. This gives you total flexibility on what you get updated on.

You can now share the results from your searches with the click of a button. Anyone with a subscription to Beacon can then access the results.

Beacon will work as usual on all browsers, and we recommend using Chrome, FirefoxEdge, or Safari. 

No, all alerting functionality from the old platform will be seamlessly migrated to the new platform.

You can access them by clicking on “My Alerts”.

All filters and additional columns are found on the left-hand side of the Explore Data page. They are contained within dropdowns so simply click on the dropdowns to reveal filters and additional columns. If you think we’re missing something just let us know.

Please do contact us at beacon@hansonwade.com and our account team will get in touch to assist you.

Contact us at beacon@hansonwade.com or contact your account manager to arrange a tour of the new Beacon.

View our data charter here.