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George Octavian Badescu
Vice President of Business Development
 Heidelberg Pharma
Jia He

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Jia HePhD
Senior Research Analyst – ADC
Beacon Targeted Therapies


Brian Mendelsohn 
Senior Director, Antibody Drug Conjugates

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As additional ADC projects are undertaken and new strategies explored, one of the most exciting trends at the earlier stages of development is the significant shift to the use of site-specific conjugation, and the implementation of novel payloads.

ADCs across early clinical and preclinical development are almost entirely utilizing site specific conjugation, yet those in late-stage and pivotal trials are overwhelmingly non-site specific. So, what are the reasons behind this shift? Why has it happened so quickly and what does this mean for the field? The first half of the webinar will answer these questions and more, providing you with unique insights into this exciting trend.

The recent success of the ADC field has largely featured a relatively small subset of payload classes, most prominently tubulin inhibitors. However, with the space becoming increasingly competitive, this is becoming a rather well-trodden path. As the space looks to address additional unmet needs, for many developers it is now a necessity to innovate and set themselves apart through novel payloads. The second half of the webinar will share the considerations made, and the experience gained from such endeavours with the novel Amanitin payload.

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