About these reports

Using data derived from Beacon Bispecific, The 2022 Bispecific Landscape Review series encompasses four reports that provide valuable insight to the 2022 bispecific landscape.

You will be given a complete overview of the existing landscape (as of the 24th January 2023), an in-depth analysis of what happened in 2022 from a drug and trial perspective, a look at what the future might bring, and a full list of all notable regulatory announcements. 

This four part series consists of:

  • The Drug Landscape – a thorough analysis of the bispecific drug landscape over the years, covering both oncology and non-oncology indications.
  • The Trial Landscape – an analytical exploration of the bispecific trial landscape over the years.
  • The Future of Bispecific Therapies – based on the current clinical and preclinical landscape.
  • 2022 Regulatory Announcements – including collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, orphan drug designations and more.

The 2022 Bispecific Landscape Review: Drug Landscape sample

The Drug Landscape


The 2022 Bispecific Landscape Review: Trial Landscape sample

The Trial Landscape  


The 2022 Bispecific Landscape Review: Future of Bispecific Therapies sample

The Future of Bispecific Therapies


The 2022 Bispecific Landscape Review: Regulatory Announcements sample

2022 Regulatory Announcements


The Entire 2022 Landscape Review


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This database solution is manually curated by sector-specific scientists and includes clinical trial and drug records for preclinical, active, approved, and discontinued antibody-based drugs that are designed to bind to two or more target antigens. We also cover:

  • Whole Antibodies
  • Antibody Fragments
  • Augmented Antibodies
  • Bispecific Fusion Proteins

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