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Download the Beacon Allergies Report to stay updated on the latest developments in the field. Interest in allergies has grown exponentially and the report covers the latest findings.

Don’t miss out on valuable insights for your drug development strategies.

The report includes:

  • An in-depth analysis of the current allergy trial landscape showcasing the shifts in focus and development phases.
  • Beacon Immune Tolerance is currently keeping a record of 226 drugs that are being studied for allergies. The report provides detailed information on the drugs being investigated for each specific type of allergy.
  • The report explores the formulation of allergy drugs. Injection is the preferred formulation, but oral formulations are gaining traction due to high compliance and cost-effectiveness.

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Beacon Immune Tolerance

How the most complete immune tolerance database can help you

What we cover

Beacon Immune Tolerance covers all pharmaceutical interventions used to treat autoimmune diseases, autoinflammatory diseases, alloimmune diseases and allergies.

The solution encapsulates all drugs and therapies within the immune-mediated disease space from small molecules to CAR T therapy.

How Beacon Immune Tolerance works

All Immune Tolerance pages will have unique data fields that will help speed up the research process. These data fields include:

  • Autoantigen specificity
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Cell Source
  • Cell Type
  • Delivery System
  • Editing Technology
  • Target Organ/Cell
  • Formulation

Our unique Milestones filter and visualization highlights past, present, and future drug development milestones including drug and trial readouts, asset history, and regulatory announcements. This enhancement provides an accurate, timely and exhaustive single-drug timeline allowing you to benchmark progress in the immune tolerance space.

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Beacon is the essential decision-support tool for developers of complex therapeutics. Our market-defining, proprietary ontologies, combined with the most accurate and comprehensive life sciences data, provide our customers with unparalleled visibility of the drug and trial landscape.

With Beacon, you can make drug development decisions with confidence. This is why 23 of the world’s top 25 drug developers trust us.

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At Beacon, we are committed to empowering our pharmaceutical and biotech industry partners with accurate, comprehensive data. We are not just a tool; we see ourselves as a partner in the drug development journey. Contact us to learn how we help you.


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