Delve into the 2023 Cancer Vaccine Landscape

A comprehensive analysis of the drugs, trials, deals, and companies’ landscapes for the Cancer Vaccine space and regulatory announcements from 2023.

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About the 2023 Landscape Review

The cancer vaccine space is predominantly clinical, with 58% of assets either being currently clinically active, or having been clinically active at some point in their development. Among all the therapeutic classes of cancer vaccines, viral vaccines are the fastest, followed closely by nucleic acid-based vaccines. As of January 2024, 24 trials are expected to begin, and 145 trials are anticipated to end.

Nucleic acid-based vaccines were the second-fastest-growing therapeutic class in the cancer vaccine sector in 2023, accounting for 36% of new drugs. Our latest data expansion has added exclusive deals and companies’ insights, providing an unrivaled understanding of the commercial market and the future of the space.

If you want to get these details and more, you can download the 2023 Cancer Vaccine Landscape report.

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