July 23 Р25, 2024 |  Boston, MA

As recent advances in next-generation induced proximity modalities progress from the bench to the clinic, the 4th Induced Proximity-Based Drug Discovery Summit returns with 3 days of jam-packed insights to address your burning questions, including:

  • How to identify and validate suitable chemical targets for non-degrading heterobifunctional and monovalent drugs?
  • How to accelerate the hit discovery of novel binders and ligands?
  • How can advanced computing supplement the rational design and discovery of potent and selectively induced proximity modalities?
  • How to elucidate the intricate cellular biology, regulatory mechanisms, and protein chemistry governing ternary complex formation?
  • What are the design principles for developing targeted stabilization, modulation, post-translational modification, and degrading small molecules and biologics?

We are uniting with 100+ large and small-molecule drug discovery experts, to review the induced proximity Landscape to spark novel and continued opportunities for therapeutic intervention. Join our TPD Research Analyst, Katie Spooner, as she reviews the induced proximity landscape to spark novel & continued opportunities for therapeutic intervention! Discover the full presentation details here.