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The 2022 ESMO Annual Meeting is over, but the connections, data, and information shared at the conference will stay with us. Our team of analysts have carefully screened all the ESMO 2022 abstracts and identified 31 (25 clinical, 6 preclinical) abstracts relating to bispecific drugs and trials, and added them to the Beacon Bispecific database.

This report encompasses a detailed analysis of the 31 abstracts in the bispecific space, including; clinical status and trial data type, top drugs, top targets, and trials by disease indication and phase.

You will also find a full summary of all 31 bispecific abstracts ordered by; clinical, trial pooled analysis, trial outline, and preclinical abstracts. The abstract summaries include the following data; the name and link to the drug (on Beacon), trial sponsor/developer, abstract ID, phase, trial ID, target, disease indication, results, safety, description/dosing, mechanism of action, and summary

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The data from this post-conference report is available on the Beacon Bispecific platform.

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