The key achievers in ADC development

Hundreds of biopharma companies across the world have an interest in developing ADCs, but there are a handful of key players. As a pioneer in ADCs, Seagen has led this novel cancer therapeutic field for more than 20 years.

Road to success in the clinic

With R&D activity now booming, biopharma’s interest in this therapeutic approach was relatively slow to start. Despite the first approved ADC entering the clinic 24 years ago, eight out of twelve approved ADCs entered the clinic only in the last decade. The time spent in clinical studies and the number of clinical studies conducted prior to approvals have both reduced significantly with the recently approved ADCs.

Key Learnings

After years of intensive research, and experience from past failures ADCs are being approved with markedly faster paths to innovation.

The developers of approved ADCs have adopted different strategies such as geographic expansion, collaborations, and R&D activities to increase their market share.

Developers have also accelerated the pace of post-approval studies to explore more development opportunities, continuously expand their global footprint and deliver meaningful therapies to patients around the world.

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