March 18-20, 2024 | San Diego, CA

This year the Innate Killer Summit holds significant importance for achieving and learning from clinical progress, fostering investor confidence, and realizing the potential of the wide range of therapies directed at natural killer (NK) cells. Collaborative efforts within the community, involving collective brainstorming and data sharing, become crucial as key companies optimize resources to prioritize clinical development. 

The meeting specifically focuses on advancing NK engager, bispecific, cell therapy and combination therapy approaches to the clinic to improve the clinical durability and streamline manufacturing to realize the potential of NK therapies across 3 dedicated tracks: Preclinical, Clinical Translation, CMC & Process Development, to brainstorm with industry pioneers on the best approaches to enhance efficacy and persistence as well as reduce the cost of production.

Rachel East, our Lead Research Analyst for Cell Therapy, will be joining the world-class speaker faculty and opening Day 1 with an NK landscape analysis. This presentation is set to discuss the most promising and innovative NK cell engagers, engineered and non-engineered NK cell therapies, and combination therapy approaches currently in development, the emerging technologies or platforms that are shaping the future of these approaches in research and development, and current trends in funding and investment that are influencing the pace of innovation in the space. You can download the full event guide to learn more details about this talk and the rest of this jam-packed conference here.