February 28 – March 1, 2024 | San Diego, MA

With increased liquid biopsy approvals and investments, there remains a critical need, their potential for early disease detection, real-time monitoring, and personalized treatment has reached an inflection point.  To further increase patient access to precision drugs, there remains a critical need for higher sensitivity, clinical validation, regulatory harmonization, and improved market access for patients.

As such, the 8th Liquid Biopsy for Precision Oncology Summit returns as the definitive industry-led forum to address these challenges and will cover the full end-to-end of liquid biopsy development with exclusive content including:

  • Exploring innovative biomarkers for precision oncology to enhance disease progression understanding for guided treatment responses
  • Utilizing novel multiomic and AI/ML technologies to detect circulating biomarkers at an increased accuracy to enable early and precise disease prognosis
  • Benchmarking surrogate endpoints in clinical trials to predict accurate clinical outcomes and tailor precision oncology for improved survival rates.
  • Navigating the reimbursement and regulatory landscapes through cross-sector collaborations to expand commercialization and access to biomarker testing

Joining a prestigious speaker faculty, our Biomarkers & Assays Research Lead, Dasha Kaloujskaia, will be delivering a landscape review of ctDNA in Lung Cancer, delving into the clinical market as well as assessing the regulatory space and what this means for overcoming challenges in precision oncology.