May 24-26, 2022 | Boston, MA

The 4th Annual Cell Engager Summit returns to bring you the latest on effectively targeting lymphocyte-restricted tumor-associated antigens to treat hematological malignancies, including CD19, CD20, BCMA, CD33, and CD123.

This must-attend meeting will provide a comprehensive understanding of the development of multi-specific cell engaging therapeutics in liquid and solid tumor indications, with the goal of bringing early-stage innovation to the clinic.

Learn all there is to know about the immune cell engager landscape, including clinical achievements, potential response predictors, and novel immune cell-based engager therapeutic discoveries.

You will leave this meeting with key steps to improving safety and efficacy in the solid tumor microenvironment through lower CRS, greater dose, and lower TMDD by targeting tumor antigens such as HER2 and EGFR, and modifying co-stimulatory receptors (for example CD137/4-1BB, CD28).

Ensure your cell engager program reaches full clinical potential through learning from the pioneers of immunotherapy.

Beacon Bispecific ResearcherBeacon’s own Shailee Patel, Research Analyst for the Beacon Bispecific module solution, will be giving an enthralling lecture on Cell Engager Themes and Trends: Current Clinical Status & Future Directions at this event. And you will get the chance to meet the Beacon Bispecific team, see live demonstrations and ask questions about how Beacon Bispecific can work for you!

Register today to join us in Boston this May.

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